Jessica is a fine artist and material researcher based in the UK. She studied at Chelsea College of Arts London and graduated in 2014. She is led by process and uses hand-held knowledge to comment on the fast-changing material cultures and landscapes that surround us. 

She uses metal, ceramics and textiles to translate her ideas through slow traditional methods of making; such as wheel-throwing, metal casting and hand spinning. Allowing a sense of removal or imitation to take form within her work as she stretches and cross-examines material properties and associations. 

Her work practically studies why we as human beings require such deep engagement with materials and why we yearn for a sense of ‘slowness’ to be present in our lives. Highlighting the health and wellbeing benefits attained from practising hand crafts to encourage us towards states of ‘embodied learning’. 

Over the past few years, Jessica has been invited to work alongside organisations such as Creative Reactions Bristol, Project Pico, BTQ, SpaceX Gallery, PSU, London Craft Week, Bezalel London and The Palace Arts Festival amongst others.

Based in the south west of England Jessica works, and exhibits, across London, Bristol and Devon.

Image copyright to  Bezalel Projects  2017

Image copyright to Bezalel Projects 2017